9 questions you must ask when comparing home builders

Possibly the most important aspect of building your dream home is choosing the right builder as it is a huge financial and logistical project. While many builders will promise you perfection, their outcome often falls flat. By asking yourself these 9 questions before you sign a contract, it will be easier to compare and choose builders with the help of internet research.

  • Do you trust the builder?

    While this may not seem like a necessity when choosing a builder for your project, it is important that you like them. Building a home is not only an investment of money, but of time, and you will be signing an ongoing contract with the builder. You will be involved in meeting, planning and designing with the builder, so it is integral that you can achieve a friendly and open relationship with them. Go with your gut feeling and choose a builder that you will be comfortable with for the long-haul.
  • Does the builder have the correct qualifications to complete your project?

    When it comes to building a home, the licencing of builders takes place at both a State and Territory level. You should always check your builder’s credentials before signing a contract – that is, if you’re not working with a large national building firm. On top of their credentials, licence and insurance, it is important to verify the builder’s expertise and experience levels. Quite often, a builder who has had a business for 10 or more years will have reference sites that you can use for research, or even a display home you can visit.
  • Will the builder allow room for customisation?

    A home is most likely the biggest purchase of your life, and therefore you should ensure that you choose a good builder who offers a wide range of building design and home options. You will have to live in your new home, so it is important that you are happy with the outcome, rather than being forced into standard options.
  • Are the proper building processes followed by the builder?

    If you are on a budget, it is important that the builder you choose has proven reliability. If your builder isn’t organised, for instance, then your project may be delayed, which is not only inconvenient but can actually become more expensive over time. A trustworthy, experienced builder will ensure the correct steps are taken when building your home.
  • Will you be provided with a fixed-price contract?

    It is required by law that a builder’s contract includes the rights and responsibilities of both the builder and the customer. You are required to sign these documents before the project begins, so a fixed-rate guarantee is preferred. Always seek accountability and transparency from your builder through a fixed-rate contract.
  • Does the builder have a good reputation?

    Everyone’s reputation matters, so don’t discount what is said about your builder. It is important that you hire a builder that has renowned and quality services that leave you confident spending your hard-earned money on the investment. Check reviews before signing a contrast to ensure that you receive a level of service that suits your project.
  • Does previous work show that the builder will meet your expectations?

    It is never good when you ask for one thing and your builder provides another. You cannot accurately predict how your builder will meet your expectations, but by asking for examples of their previous work and reading online reviews, you can rely on their experience to execute your dream home to perfection.
  • Does the builder match your design aesthetic?

    It is essential that you find a builder who can deliver an accurate depiction of your home designs. Whether that be modern architectural trends or a gothic style, it is important to research your builder to ensure their amenities suit the aesthetic you are aiming for with your home.
  • How much do they charge?

    Being transparent and open about money is very important when building a home. Questioning the charges is crucial to ensure your builder does not hide charges from you. Try your best to set a fixed price at the beginning and work within your means.

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