Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes When Building Your New Home

Building and designing your dream home is an exciting time, and to ensure that it is executed to perfection, it is important that you have a thorough and thought-through plan. By planning your steps, it will not only make the whole experience less daunting but will help you avoid the mistakes made by first-time home builders. In this article, we’ve detailed the 10 most important factors when building your home.


Research Everything

Our builders at Arch 10 Melbourne understand that it can often be difficult to find the correct builder for your project, and a builder’s reputation is linked to their quality of work and level of effort they will provide with their service. It may be tiresome, but it is worth researching as many builders as possible before making a commitment to ensure that you fully trust and assess the builder you choose.

Thinking Beyond the Standard Home Can Be Beneficial

It is important to make yourself aware of which fixtures are standard and which are upgrades for extra money. If you are unaware of these extras, your new home can quickly jump up in price without you noticing.

Always Read the Fine Print

It is common knowledge that you must read the terms and conditions of any contract but also be sure to take the time to become clear with your contract. It will become easier to set expectations and control situations if you are completely aware of all the paperwork.

Know the Right Price

This is an important aspect of researching your builder. You must ensure that you have a set budget, but ready and able to extend beyond the base price if necessary. The design and upgrades you choose can really increase your total cost, so be sure to accommodate your budget for growth.

Verify Before Committing

It is a huge mistake to not verify prices and hidden surprises before committing to a contract. It is essential that you have a firm knowledge and strong estimates from your builder, and don’t shy away from asking questions to solidify your building design and floor plan. If you want to avoid nasty surprises after signing a contract, be sure to confirm and set prices with the builder and agent from the beginning.

Always Remember Interest

Many first-home builders forget that the monthly amount you pay during the building process can change due to constantly fluctuating interest rates. You can be prepared for these potential increases by asking your agent to provide you with estimates of different interest rates.

Expect Mishaps

Everyone wants their dream home to be just that, a dream home, A.K.A. perfect. However, you have to expect errors to occur, especially during the construction period. It is easy to keep mishaps to a minimum by simply visiting the construction site on a regular basis so you can spot any mistakes quickly and before it’s too late to fix.

Have a Plan B

By thinking ahead, you can ensure that you can keep up to date with all your payments and decide how to manage your finances the best. It is difficult if you are relying on selling your current home to finance the project, and it becomes even more difficult if your home does not sell as quickly as you’d hoped. It is important that you think about all circumstances and develop solutions in case issues arise.

Double-Check for Discounts

You never know what kind of discounts are on offer if you don’t consistently check on your agent. If you don’t double-check, you will be unaware of any ongoing promotions of preferred lenders that may help decrease your total cost. When it comes to saving cost in regard to your builder, it is always good to check up on their incentive of credit offers.

Be Patient

It is a huge investment to build your own home, so try your best to not rush into decision making or to progress the process quickly as cutting corners and rushing builders will lead to a disappointing outcome. It is integral that you take your time before finalising anything. Be sure to fully understand every aspect of the build rather than rushing to complete it.


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